Saturday, 16 March 2013

Brown Ink Sketches with ordinary fountain pen.

Sketched this on the bus ride home after work. This couple 
sat on the opposite side of me. I have to sketch fast while
they are still sleeping or if they wake up I have to stop.

I like the sepia effect of the ink on the paper.

While waiting for our food to be served, I sketched the diners on the other table. The ink wash was done later at home.

Sketched this while waiting for a friend at the Clement Library.

Having a quick bite at the Bus Interchange,  I noticed the human traffic is very heavy. People come people go at this Buzz Kiosk. I captured the kiosk without the people. 

I sketched this next to the down escalator, it was lunch time and there are a lot of people using the escalator. The ideal place to sketch this is by sitting on the steps but the Shopping Centre do not allow setting on the steps for safety reason.

Saw this group of Aunties chatting in the Food Village, I took a seat outside to sketch with hamburger on 1 hand and pen on the other.

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