Friday, 30 September 2016

Pulau Ubin - The Last Frontier 5

Another Taoist Shrine

Butterfly Hill #2

Bin Day 2016

Pekan Quarry #2

Republic Polytechnic  Activities

Floating jetty 

View from the Police post

Chek Jawa coastal line #2

Chek Jawa coastal line #3

Thomson Rock

Changi Point Jetty #2

Uncle herbal drink stall

100 years old Malay House

Tanjong Tajam

My tools

Pulau Ubin - The Last Frontier 4

Former prawn farm

Malay kampong 

Former provision shop

Chinese kampong

An old rambutan tree

Main street

Taxi stand

Ice kecang stall

Gate of house 321A

Seafood restaurant view from the jetty

Mangrove trees near the Ubin jetty

Pulau Ubin - The Last Frontier 3

Pulau Ubin Festival 

Broken jetty 

Welcome to Pulau Ubin

A Taoist Shrine

Chek Jawa visitor centre

Low tide

Back alley #1

Back alley #2

Back alley #3

Pulau Ubin - The Last Frontier 2

House by the water

View from the jetty

Bicycle shop

Link bridge

Chinese kampong 

View from the seafood restaurant 

The German girl shrine

Pulau Ubin - The Last Frontier

The Journey start from here - Changi Point Jetty

Loading of catch at the jetty

Queue for boat to Pulau Ubin

Butterfly Hill



Ahmad Drink Stall

Pekan Quarry 

Main Village

Chee Jawa Coastal Line

View from NPark Office

Outward Bound Singapore

Leaving Pulau Ubin