Thursday, 10 January 2013

Tampines Sketches 11 Jan 2013

Sun Plaza Park monsoon drain - Sketched with Pens and Ink Wash

Happy Hour at Heartland Coffee Shop -  Sketched with Pens & Ink Wash

Tampines Central - Sketched with Pens & Ink Wash

Tampines Library - Sketched with Non-water proof pen & wash. The non water proof ink bleed into the wash to create shade.

Ikea Hot Dog Stall - Sketch with pen on pre stained paper

Ikea Cafe - Sketch with pens & ink.

Quick sketch with pen

Preparation works by Lion Dancers - Sketched with pens  

Quick sketch with pen

Temples - Sketched with pen and pen brush.

Glass Block Wall - Sketched with Pens & Wash

Recreation Corner at Tampines St 41 - Sketched with Pens on pre stained paper.

Bedok construction site - Sketched with pens and pen brush.

Ikea Cafe - the pages have been removed from the sketch book. Touch up the area along the spine holes with pen & ink.

Bagus BBQ Seafood Coffee Shop - Sketch with pens and ink wash

Block 404 Tampines - Sketched with pens and wash

NeWater Service Reservoirs - Sketched with pens & Ink Wash

Golden Pagoda Temple - Sketch with pens & Ink Wash

Go Karting - Sketched with Pens & Ink Wash

Tampines Block 417 - Sketched with Pens & Watercolour Wash.

Tampines Mall & MRT crossing - Sketch with pen & ink wash.

Tampines Round Market Food Stalls - Ink and Wash

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