Wednesday, 19 December 2012

Sketches - 12 to 16 Dec 2012

Stack of chairs - I was having breakfast at the coffee shop and saw this stack of dull looking chairs. I sketched them with Hero pen & ink and colour with 4 in 1 colour pencil.

Mulligan's Pub - Sketched this from the upper floor of the building opposite the pub. I used Hero pen & ink and added ink wash at home.

Liang Court Kopitiam - Sketch this with Hero pen & ink and Pen Brush on location.

Clarke Quay - Vendors preparing for night market. I sketched this after the Muliigan's Pub. Use Hero pen & pen brush.

Viridian House Pop Up Artstore - I was manning the store on the weekends and sketch this with Hero Pen and Ink Wash.

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