Saturday, 1 December 2012

Changi Village - Solo Sketch Walk 1 Dec 2012

Changi Jetty view from the other side of the bridge, Done 4 in 1 colour pencil. Convenience and easy to blend the colours. 
The prewash was done the night before the sketch walk. Sketch live on location Hero Pen & Ink.

Sketch live on location with Hero Pen & Ink.
Changi Jetty - The prewash was done before the sketch walk, sketch live on location with Hero pen & ink.
Changi Village Hotel - Done in 1 colour pencil ( 4 colour in 1 pencil) on brown paper. The colours are easy to blend, convenient to carry around, 1 pencil + 1 1 book. I added outline to the finished work using Hero Pen & Ink.

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